Venue: Palais des Congres de Cotonou, Republic du Benin

Date: 2nd -9th September, 2021

Theme: ‘Nurses and Midwives: Pillars for Achieving Universal Health Coverage in West African sub-region’


The West African College of Nursing had her 16thBiennial General Meeting/25thScientific Session and 40th Council meeting at the Palais de Congres de Cotonou, Republic of Benin. The event took place between 2nd-9th September, 2021.  Membership of the College comprises of the Foundation Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Fellows indicated in the Constitution.


The Scientific programme was attended by over 200 eminent nurses/delegates and observers from seven countries in the sub regions: Benin Republic, Cameroon, Republic of The Gambia, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.


The theme of the Conference was: ‘Nurses and Midwives: Pillars for Achieving Universal Health Coverage in West African sub-region’


The five faculties of the College were fully represented:

  • Medical and Surgical Nursing,(Med-Surg.)
  • Maternal and Child Health Nursing (MCH)
  • Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing (CHN), and
  • Administration, Management and Education (FAME).


The President of the College, Professor Mrs. Faustina Oware-Gyekye from Ghana attended the meeting virtually and was ably represented in-person by the 1st Vice President International, Mrs. Sola Aketi from Nigeria. The programme was coordinated by Victor Dossou Zoclanclounon, Past President of the College from Benin Republic.




Elections took place on Monday, September 5, 2021 at the Council, Chapter and sub-regional levels. The followings officers were elected:



  1. Dr Marion Sulbah President –Liberia
  2. Prof Faustina Gyegye- Immediate Past President (IPP)- Ghana
  3. Patricia Bah Vice President 1 Sierra Leone
  4. Blessing Osuji- Vice President 2- Nigeria
  5. Lamin Suwareh – Secretary General – The Gambia
  6. Kordi – Treasurer- Republic of Benin



  • Margaret James- Sierra Leone,
  • Professor Mary Atanga- Cameroon,
  • Rev Mrs. Funmi OsobuPopoola- Nigeria,
  • Ramata Kogar- Liberia,
  • Alkali Jabbi- The Gambia,
  • Sonor Amelie- Benin
  • Marie Ngnedjou Francouse- Cameroon


Faculties Executives:

  • Winifred Chukwu – Chairman, Maternal and Child Health Faculty (Nigeria)
  • Bolanle Awonusi – Chairman, Medical Surgical Faculty (Nigeria)
  • Mary Bi Su Atanga – Chairman, Community Health Nursing Faculty (Cameroon)
  • Ruth Gyang – Chairman, Mental Health/Psychiatry Faculty (Ghana)
  • Omar Bojang Clarma – Chairman, Faculty of Administration, Management and Education. (The Gambia)


Fellowship Programme by Examination. The Fellowship programme commenced as a pilot project in October 2016 and a total of 87 students who have satisfied the requirements of the programmewere inducted into the fellowship. The breakdown of the inductees along the faculties’ line are:

Medical Surgical:                                               24

MCH                   :                                                  28

Community Health:                                          27

Mental Health and Psychiatry:                   3

FAME          :                                                          3


The Council met from September 3-5, 2021 to deliberate on matters of interest to the College. The plenary session witnessed a number of paper presentations on Monday and Tuesday September 6-7, 2021 from vibrant speakers.


The presented papers in blended format (physical and virtual) include:

  • ‘Role of Nurses and Midwives in Sustainable Healthcare delivery’ by Dr Claude Djogninou;
  • ‘Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Standard precautions of Infection Control in tertiary hospitals in Abia State, Nigeria’ by Mrs. Onyekachi-Chigbu
  • ‘Gestational Diabetic Mellitus Awareness: Risk factors, Perceived effects and life styles Intervention among antenatal women in a Nigerian Tertiary Health Institution: A Cross sectional Study’ by Mrs. Pauline Chigwara
  • ‘Assessment of Anti-diabetic activity of some medicinal plants sold in the markets of the communes of Cotonou and Abomey-Calavi-(Benin)’by DrLauris FAH
  • ‘Research of Haemodyalisis of ABO System in pregnant women followed at the Lokossa Zone Hospital’ by Dr. Lauris FAH
  • ‘Role of the Nurses and Midwives in the care of the population’ by Dr. Ismanth DJABOUTOU
  • ‘Complimentarity of Nursing Diagnosis and Medical Diagnosis for Holistic Patient Care’ by Dr Andre OTTI
  • ‘Strategies for Global care of adolescents consuming drugs in the city of Yaounde, Cameroon by Mrs. Mantsana Nyebe-SaverieInnocente
  • ‘Practice of Wound Dressing Procedures and Techniques in a Surgical Department’ by Dr Theodore-SOUSSIA
  • ‘Incidence of infections after surgery in a surgery service’ by Dr Theodore-SOUSSIA


  • ‘Promoting the Professional Identity of Nursing (image of nursing) the West African Context, the Challenges, Solutions and the Way Forward’ by Dr. Comfort E. Ekanem.


  • ‘Role of Therapeutic Education on the Quality of Life of Patients in Chronic Hemodialysis followed at Yaoundé General Hospital’ by Mrs.Juienne Carole EMEGNI


  • ‘Management of Cancer, the Menace of today’s Woman: Ovarian and Breast Cancer’ by Dr. Ihudiebube.


  • ‘Perceived Need for Integration of Cervical Cancer Screening into Family Planning Services in Ibadan, Nigeria a Cross-Sectional study’ by Dr. Chizoba Millicent.


  • ‘Assessment of Knowledge and Utilization of Cervical Cancer screening among Women in Kaduna State, Nigeria’ by Dr. Mfuh Anita.


  • ‘Demographic Determinants of Routine Immunization Services acceptance among Childbearing Mothers in Bauchi State: Implications for Health Promotion’ by Dr. Inah Yakubu.


The opening ceremony took place on Tuesday, Sept 7, 2021. The Minister of Health of Republic of Benin, Honorable Benjamin Hounkpatin, attended with his entourage and delivered the key note message.


There were good will messages from the representatives of Sister organisations such as West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacy, West African College of Physicians and West African College of Surgeons, Representative from the World Health Organization, (WHO) from Republic of Benin. On the High table was Ms Laurence Monterio Secretary General/WACN Benin, Mrs. Fatoumata Jarrai DAFFEH, IPP from The Gambia and Mrs. Aketi Sola  VP 1 WACN representing Madam President.


Others who delivered messages and speeches include Ms Amelie SONON, LOC Chair, Chapter Chair Benin Republic; Dr Claude Djogninou, was the Key Note speaker.

Prof Marcel Eannou, represented the West African College of Physicians, Prof Emma Ezeome, represented the West African College of Surgeons and Prof Ibrahim Oreagba representing West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists.


The Closing and award Ceremony took place on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 and the delegates departed on Thursday, September 9, 2021.



  1. There are no monitoring groups for equipment to put in place in clinical areas for smooth working atmosphere and also shortage of clinical preceptors.
  2. Ratio of nurses to patients are too low which can lead to burnout among the nurses and midwives
  3. Quacks are been trained by nurses themselves which must be discouraged
  4. Research conducted are not used for evidence-based findings
  5. The need to mentor the younger nurses is imperative
  6. Some nurses who are not equipped in ICT need to be trained.



  • The College’s name is amended to the West African Postgraduate College of Nurses and Midwives
  • It was resolved that the College hitherto known as the West African College of Nursing should henceforth be named and known as West African Postgraduate College of Nurses and Midwives and all other documents of the College should henceforth bear the new nomenclature.
  • That nurses and midwives should carry themselves in professional manner in and out of office.
  • That fellows should adhere to the spirit and letter of the College Constitution
  • That principal elected officers of the College must attend the BGM physically.
  • Task force should be set up to address the concerns of substance abuse in the community.
  • Nurses must project a better image of themselves to the public by speaking in the interest of the public, rather than seeking admiration/recognition.
  • Nurses must tell their story and tell it well! We must always use our voices and platform to dismantle negative stereotypes and misrepresentations about the nursing profession.
  • We should act as role models in our own societies to improve the image of the nursing profession.
  • Fellows who do not attend regional, chapter and BGMs for three consecutive times and fail to pay their dues should be written on this and their names should be deleted henceforth if they still default.
  • Constitution amended to be approved by the Council and General assembly
  • All the officers are given tenures of two years and to be renewed at the pleasure of the Council and good performance according to set of key indicators.


Communique Drafting Committee Members

  1. Prof Fatai A. Badru- Nigeria- Chairman
  2. Prof Mary Atanga- Cameroon
  3. Dr Margaret Akpan- Nigeria
  4. Madam Mary Fullar-Sierra Leone
  5. Madam Ramatta Kogar- Liberia
  6. Dr Claude Djogninou- Republic of Benin
  7. Alkali Jabbi- Republic of The Gambia
  8. Madam SalamataIdris Hassan- Nigeria

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